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Simplifying fractions and converting them to decimals or the other way round can be quite challenging due to the convoluting steps. One mistake in a step and the answer of the entire sum may come out to wrong. Imagine the colossal waste of your time and effort. To put an end to this harrowing sage, is here with its fraction calculator to save your day.

You no longer have to panic about mixing up signs and different sets of fractions when you can use the mixed number fraction calculator with a click! Our fraction calculator is based on highly advanced mathematical algorithms. So, you can understand problems on decimal to fraction with our calculator’s accurate step-by-step solutions. And the best part is that you can learn to simplify using our fraction calculator for FREE.

Learn more about the features and benefits of our mixed and partial fraction calculator. 


Battle all hurdles with our mixed number fraction calculator

You can use our mixed number fraction calculator to overcome the common difficulties while solving a numerical problem with proper or improper fractions. Our calculator can help you in:

  • Understanding the fundamentals – If you are not confident about the basics, the complexity of solving a mixed or negative fraction can double up. Use our mixed number fraction calculator to learn more about the key concepts.  


  • Using the rightapproach– You can solve different types of fractions using different methods. If you cannot understand how to determine the approach, use our complex fraction calculator to learn the trick from the solutions.


  • Avoidingsilly mistakes– Beat the archrival of solving fractions by avoiding silly computational mistakes. When you convert decimals to fractions using our calculator, there is no scope of making errors. Unlike you, our AI-driven tool makes no mistake.

If solving fractions had been a nightmare all this while, it is time to shoo away the worrisome thoughts. Know how to use the right approach to simplify fractions using our calculator and bag full marks with every submission.

Simplify with our fraction calculator and get several perks

Solving fractions can be time-consuming as well as a draining task. Now, you have other work as well. So, you cannot really afford to dedicate all the time to your homework on fractions. When you simplify fractions using our calculator, you get to save time and energy and score well.

On that note, here are a few advantages of using our online fraction calculator.

  • Save time

The very motive while creating the fraction calculator to simplify equations was to save students' valuable time. What could have had taken you hours to solve can now be solved in a matter of a few minutes with our decimal to fraction calculator at your aid.

  • Full marks

Math is a complicated subject, and not many of you can boast of scoring full marks in the subject. Make the Cs and Ds a thing of the past and score a straight and easy A every time using our online fraction calculator.

  • Save money

You can now learn how to simplify fractions using our calculator for as many times as you want without spending a single penny. So, it is a win-win situation for you where you get to save your pocket money and score well at the same time.

  • 24x7 Availability

While you can always fall back on our math experts for assistance, our fraction calculator is available at all hours. You can access our tool to get INSTANT results when the dawn breaks or the owl hoots.

Our decimal to fraction calculator is compatible with all kinds of formats and can be accessed on the go across all types of devices. Bid farewell to all your worries and try out our fraction calculator TODAY!

Our decimal to fraction calculator can solve all kinds of fractions

You can use our decimal to fraction calculator to solve all kinds of equations with fractions. Our technical assistance team updates the tool frequently so that you get accurate results every time. You can convert a percentage to fractions, decimals to fractions, and vice versa with our tool for free.

Here is how you can use our decimal to fraction calculator online:

  • As a partial fraction calculator
  • As a fraction to decimal calculator
  • As a mixed number fraction calculator
  • As anegative fraction calculator
  • As amultiple fraction calculator
  • As apercent to fraction calculator

Our fraction calculator is compatible with whole numbers, integers, and more. Use the online fraction calculator from to solve your numerical problems and impress your professor by making no mistakes.

Know how to use our partial fraction calculator 

Using our partial fraction calculator is as easy as ABC. Here is what you need to do to simplify, convert and solve fractions using our tool.

  • Copy the problem and paste it in the box of the tool. You can also upload the screenshot of the numeric problem.
  • Click the CALCULATE button for instant results.
  • Check the step-by-step solution to understand how the equation was solved.
  • Download the solution in your preferred format (MS, iOS, etc.). You can also copy the answer directly from the tool and paste it in a document.

If you want to give your math grades a makeover, our partial fraction calculator is a must-have. So, make sure to bookmark the tool’s URL for a shortcut and use it every time you cannot solve a complex fraction. For further queries about our fraction calculator, give us a call or drop us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions About "Fraction Calculator"

  1. How do you calculate fractions in a calculator?

Usually, calculating fractions can be a hectic affair since you have to convert mixed to regular fractions, consider signs and more. However, you can use a fraction calculator to get the job done in just a few steps. All you have to do is input the value of the fractions and hit the CALCULATE button to get instant results.

  1. How do you simplify a fraction using a calculator?

Since solving fractions can be a confusing and time-consuming task, using a fraction calculator simplifies the process to a great extent. Here is how you can simplify fractions using our fraction calculator and score well.

  • You can save time by skipping the computation steps.
  • You can be sure that you aren’t making any mistakes
  • You can use the tool anytime you want.
  1. How does the calculator convert a decimal to a fraction?

Simplifying fractions and converting them to decimals or the other way round can be challenging due to so many computational steps in between. On top of that, if you make one mistake while converting decimals to fractions, the answer may come out wrong. Our fraction calculator can help you prevent the waste of your time and effort.

  1. What is a fraction calculator?

A fraction calculator is an automated tool that can solve fractions in a jiffy eliminating all the steps involved. Our academic tool can calculate all kinds of fractions, like:

  • partial fractions
  • fractions to decimal
  • decimals to fractions
  • mixed number fractions
  • negative fractions
  • multiple fractions
  • percentage to fractions
  • fractions to percentage
  1. How does a fraction calculator work?

Quite contrary to solving fractions, using our tool is very easy due to its simple interface. You can work out the most complex of fractions using our fraction calculator in just three easy steps. Here is what you have to do:

  • Add the values and provide other inputs
  • Hit the calculate button to understand the steps
  • Get instant results
  1. Why do students need a fraction calculator?

When it comes to solving fractions, most students encounter certain computational and conceptual difficulties. Here is why you need our fraction calculator:

  • To understand the fundamentals of solving a mixed or negative fraction
  • To learn more about the key concepts and approaches for fraction conversion
  • To know how to solve different types of fractions using different methods
  1. Where can you get a fraction calculator? offers the most efficient fraction calculator online. The tool was built using state-of-the-art algorithms, which ensures that you get accurate answers only. Moreover, our tool also lets you check out the steps to arrive at the solution. As a result, you get the correct answers and learn how to solve the problem by yourself.

 8. Can I trust for the fraction calculator?

More than 30k students have used the fraction calculator of and have rated it with 4.7 out of 5 stars. Here is what makes our fraction calculator a trustable tool:

  • It can work out all types of fractions.
  • It has no usage limit.
  • You do not have to download or install the tool.
  • You can use the tool for free.