Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, at, believe that it is our duty to inform you about the details that concern you the most. We are aware of the fact that there has been a rise in fraudulent practices in the industry. So, it is important that every user at our website understands the privacy policy of our company. As you may realize, this privacy policy describes the use of customer’s information for all levels and purposes.

We request you to read through the privacy policy of our company listed below. This will help you understand how we use your personal details when you visit our website for assessment help.

Which Personal Details Do We Collect from a User Who Visits Our Website?

Our website asks for only the basic details, such as the name of the user, his/her email ID, phone number and a few other personal details. We use these pieces of information to improve the overall quality of the service and offer a much better user experience. However, we ask for these details only when the user is placing an order or registering him/her on the website.

When Do We Collect Data from Our Users?

We gather information from our users when they place an order on the website or use our live chat option to share their requests or queries with the experts. We gather the details only when the user chooses to share them with us.

What Do We Do with the Data That We Collect from Our Users?

We use the user data whenever the users choose to sign up with us, pay for a service on the website, subscribe to the newsletter, and respond to a communication initiated by the marketing department or to a survey. We also use the data when the user uses some of the features on the website in the following ways:

  • To personalize the user experience as per the requirements of the users and to let us deliver the type of content or service that will be more appealing to the user.
  • To allow us to offer better service to the user as per the customer service requests mentioned by the user.
  • To let us follow up on the previous responses made by the user after the initial correspondence.

How Do We Protect the User Data?

We scan our website thoroughly every day to ensure that the security of our website has been breached or not. This practice allows us to take countermeasures if there is any unidentified cyber threat that can disrupt the user experience on our website. To safeguard the personal details of the users, we perform these following measures:

  • We closely monitor our website to identify any malware on the site.
  • We keep the personal information of the users wrapped under several layers of secured networks. Moreover, the details are available to only a few crucial members of the team. The payment-related details, including the credit card number and other sensitive details that are provided by the users, are encrypted through a secure socket layer (SSL) technology.
  • We also comply with a number of security guidelines that outline the security measures during order placement or the submission of user information, aiming to protect the data.
  • Every transaction made at the website is carried out through secure payment gateways and is not processed or tracked by our servers.

Do We Use “Cookies”?

At, we do not use cookies to track any confidential information of the users. If the user wants, he/she can turn off all cookies. In case the user forgets to turn off the cookie, the device they are using to access the website will notify him/her when a cookie is being sent. A user can also perform these measures through the browser setting on the device he/she is using.

In case, the user is unable to perform the aforementioned measures to monitor the user of cookies, he/she can use the help menu on the browser to learn the correct way of altering or modifying the cookies. If a user chooses to turn the cookies off, some of the features that are designed to provide better user experience may not work seamlessly.

Disclosure to Third Party

We strongly condemn the practice of selling, trading or the transfer of our client’s personal data to any entity outside our company.

Third-Party Associations

We do not use, promote or offer any services/products endorsed by a third-party platform.

How Do We Deal with Do-Not-Disturb Signals?

We respect the Do-not-disturb signals adopted by the users. When we identify the do-not-track browser system while dealing with a customer, we do not perform any kind of tracking. We also keep ourselves from planting cookies and posting advertisements on the page.

Do We Allow Third-Party Behavioral Tracking?

No, does not approve of any third-party behavioral tracking.